Websites, Domain & Hosting Services

Web Hosting, Domain registeration, Web design.

A= look for your preferred domain name

B= choose a hosting package to subscribe

C= make payment (yearly, Bienieally, or more, you prefer)

1) Domain Name is URL of your homepage.
example: if you want your homepage name “supermonkey”, you can register a domain supermonkey.com provided that such name has not been taken up by someone else.
If it is unavailable, you simply rephrase it to other name, different spelling or add some digits.Or simply use other TLD extension.<<Click Here>> to check availability

Example:supermonkey.com  if unavailableTry   supermonkey.netTry   supermonkey.asiaTry   supermonkey.co

2) Hosting Package.
It is subscription to our web hosting service, where you store your websites contents in our web server where with proper setup anyone in the world can view your websites.<<Click Here>> to check the Hosting

3) after securing your domain & subscribing hosting service, you can create your websites and store in the web server for world wide view. You can design your own website contents or ask for professional service at agreed fees. A budgetary simple basic single page websites can be arranged. 
Basically it is important to secure your preferred domain name fast before someone else taken it.
Note: payment made is not a guarantee of successful registration of domain until the relevant authority confirm in email for the registration. Hope all understand that at any point of time, someone could have registered your preferred domain earlier than you few minutes in any corner of the world. If that happens, customer is expected to rename the domain name expected till the nearest available for registration.